Sunday, October 12, 2008

Welcome Wagon Bridal Show in Oshawa

Here's to all the couples who are planning their wedding,

It was very nice to meet you all at the Welcome Wagon Bridal Show that took place in "The Holiday Inn" on September 28, 2008.

There was tons of interest for my custom designed wedding cards, which pleased me.
I am glad that lots of young couples want to step away from the "old fashioned and boring" wedding invitations mass produced by the big companies.
The one question I hear the most is: "Can we afford a graphic designer to create our invitations?"
The answer on this one is simply: "Of course!"
I'm a qualified designer who has been doing this for many years and I understand the budget for wedding stationery might not always be big. But... I have something for everyone!
The cards you can see below are just samples.
It doesn't mean you have to take the same design or color of font.
Based on your budget I can work something out or even redesign a whole new card to fit your determined price range. Out of love for my profession, I strongly believe that every wedding deserves something unique and special. So, go ahead, don't be afraid and go for something else, just send me your information
(quantity of invitations/reception/dance or reply card and the kind of card you like) and I'll make a free individual estimate just for you. I look forward to hear from you at this exciting time!!!!

different ideas for wedding cards

designer wedding stationery

Planning a wedding is not a simple task and aside from the location, that amazing dress you need to track down and your guest list, perhaps the most important element is your wedding stationery.

Your invitation is not only your chance to make a first impression on your guests, it is also the keepsake that most often saved by guests to remember your special occasion. You will have the invitations everyone is talking about!

More and more couples are interested in creating a one-of-a-kind, custom designed invitation for their special day. In this way you ensure that your invitation fits your wedding, your personality and your taste.

I produce stationery that cannot be bought in any store. All invitations in my collection can be altered to fit your specific style. When you want unique wedding invitations, Memento Graph-X delivers.

I can also create a new unique design for your wedding invitation - just ask me or send an email with your requirements.